Coffee at home

How I got into making pourovers at home and how you can, too! ☕

Mar 13, 2018

I started learning more about coffee, particularly pourovers, mid-2017. It’s no secret that I’m not exactly the most gifted when it comes to making anything remotely edible. But timing an even pour in order to extract sweet berries instead of bitter tangs? Finding just the right grind size to get a balanced body? I was hooked. Not only did I enjoy the scientific approach to improving my skills, I began looking forward to having my own little morning ritual.

Making coffee will certainly be a hobby I continue to work on for life. If you’re just starting out, here’s the gear and resources I used (and still use) to help you on your way! I hope you find as much joy in this ritual that I have. 😊

Beginner's essentials

If you’re just getting started with making pourovers at home, here’s what I recommend to get started. At the very least, you’ll want a dripper, grinder, scale, and kettle.

Kalita Wave 185


For beginners, I found the Kalita Wave to be decently easy to learn with because of the slow drip rate.

Hario Mini Mill Slim

Hand grinder

Took a little time to get used to, but I can now grind 20g of grounds in ~30 seconds.

Also important...

Kalita Wave Filter 185

Kalita drippers have specific filters that you'll need to buy, but are Amazon accessible!

Water Filter

If you don't already have one, definitely invest in a water filter of some sort. Water quality impacts the taste consistency of your coffee.

Guides and books

Kalita Wave Coffee Brewing Intensive
Nick Cho of Wrecking Ball is someone I continuously look to for self-taught guidance. This video is ~5 min and was a huge help when I first started out.

From Plant to Cup: Brew an Amazing Cup of Coffee
This hour long Skillshare class from Blue Bottle is another great learning resource for beginners.

How to Make Coffee: The Science Behind the Bean
I wanted to know more about the history and scientific breakdown of what makes coffee so great!


And of course, the fun stuff: beans! When you’re just starting out, be aware that it’s all a learning process. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t quite develop the flavor profiles printed on the bag. 😄 Some notes here:

  • When trying to tweak the taste of your pourovers, remember to adjust the grind size of your beans. Too bitter? Try a courser grind. Too sour or flat? Try a finer grind.
  • Buy beans from your local roastery! Build relationships and ask your baristas for brewing advice. If you’re in the east bay, beans I’ve been liking are Aka Coffee and Bicycle Oakland.

Enjoy your coffee! ☕

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